Top 20 Spanish Ranking

VIR AUDIT remains in its continuous progression in the Spanish ranking of audit firms, ranking 19th and therefore included in the Top 20 of the Ranking of audit firms, among a total of more than 1400 audit companies that exist in Spain.


Vir Audit returns to the TOP 20 of the Spanish ranking of audit firms

The data has been made public by the newspaper Expansión, which annually carries out this ranking based on the total turnover of professional service companies.

In its April 20, 2022 edition, it stands out that average audits are up 11.1% with 868 million in revenue. Vir Audit has demonstrated the ability to consolidate for the fourth consecutive year in the Top 20 of the best audit firms, increasing its turnover by 7.53% over the previous year, with a total of 14.86 million of euros.