Audit on public funds and subsidies


We carry out subsidies Audit Procedures to analyze if the documentation submitted by beneficiary associations fulfills the requirements established by Public Administrations.

-          Audit of programs financed by ERDF funding

-          Audit of R&D projects

-          Audit of CDTI’s projects

-          Audit of ENISA’s loans

-          Audit of Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (MINECO) Subsidies.

-          Audit of SOC Subsidies

-          Audit of Cenit programs.

-          Audit of Research European programs.

-          Audit of Fomento de la cooperación científica internacional (FCCI) Subsidies.

-          Audit of Instituto de Cinematografía y Artes audiovisuales (ICAA) Subsidies.

-          Audit of ICIC (Instituto de Catalán de Industrias Culturales) Subsidies.

-          Audit of Programa InnoEmpresa Subsidies

-          Audit of Innplanta Project expenses.

-          Audit of RETICS Project expenses.